The Mansfield 287 project is a part of the Mansfield Highlands development in Mansfield, Texas, a southern suburb of Fort Worth. The original project consisted of 30 acres of highway frontage in seven tracts of land and all but one was REO from three different local banks and one institutional lender from San Antonio. The remaining tract was acquired from a pension plan. It took over one year to assemble the entire tract. The development fronts US Highway 287 and Debbie Lane in Mansfield.

Once assembled, we had to get access (there was no roadway access) and utilities to the tract. A public/private partnership was arranged between our development group, the City of Mansfield and Tarrant County. Because there was 404 wetlands present, the Corps of Engineers was also involved. Achieving the ability to install the service road and the utilities took another year.

After we were able to actually make use of our land, we were able to sell and build to suit uses compatible with our original concept. We sold tracts to three hotels, several restaurants, strip retail and medical office. This project is fully developed.

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